Welcome to Move Oregon!

We believe the more functional, diversified and fully integrated the transportation system, the more vibrant our neighborhoods and our businesses. A system which integrates walking, biking and transit seamlessly – a system in which each choice is safe, reliable, and convenient – reduces obesity and diabetes, as well as traffic congestion, provides opportunities to engage with ones’ community which in turn reduces crime, results in cleaner air and more money to the local economy.

We also believe that of the transportation choices, transit is the key. A strong public system unlocks the opportunity for increased freedom, mobility, and the opportunities for active transportation all which foster community and boost public health.

MOVE Oregon was founded because there was a missing voice in the transportation field within the greater Portland metro region, as well as, the State of Oregon. That voice was one to advocate for transit. Our focus is on advocating for public transit, though our goal is to create transportation systems with a dynamic mix of everyday choices giving residents in urban centers the option to use transit, walk or bike to their destinations.